Update 6.4.0 is now in effect. It's time to familiarize yourself with the new features and changes!
In update 6.3.0, we've focused on improving the existing mechanics, so that your survival becomes more diverse and entertaining.
The long-awaited update 6.2.0 is coming into its own.
Spring has arrived in the Plaguelands along with the update 6.1.0.
It's time to find out what changes have occurred in Lubenia this time!
It seems the dead are appearing here for a reason. Track down the Necromancer among the gravestones, using the appearance of the undead on the map as your guide, and defeat him.
The ringing of Christmas bells fills the Plaguelands. Snow lies in a heavy blanket over familiar locations.

The holiday event is now available. Hurry to dress up in a traditional costume and participate in the turkey hunt!

The most mystical night of the year is upon us, which means it's time for the traditional Halloween update. Welcome to 5.6.0!
Start preparing for the most supernatural day of the year and say hello to update 5.5.6! Immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere before the main Halloween celebration, which will happen in the forthcoming update.
We are pleased to present update 5.5.5! It will bring minor technical changes to the Plaguelands and a new event on the world map.
This update brings important changes to the familiar mechanics governing everyday life in the game.
We are pleased to present update 5.4.5! Update the game and find out more in our blog.
The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands.
Get ready to meet update 5.3.0. In this update, we invite you to improve the safest place in Lubenia: your castle.
We're happy to bring you update 5.2.0! It introduces new game mechanics, enemies, and even fluffy pets.
You've been conquering the Plaguelands with us for five whole years. We've prepared the anniversary update 5.0.0 to celebrate this milestone.
Welcome a small but important patch 4.6.0.
We're pleased to bring you the holiday update 4.5.0!
Locations are once again covered in snow, and castle interiors are decorated for Christmas. Winter is here, and it's full of dangers and holiday adventures!
We're pleased to introduce update 4.4.0!
After the Scarlet Hunt, we're giving you a chance to rest and get back to daily life in Lubenia. Recover your strength before the winter holiday update and remember to check out the store: Black Friday is starting.
We're happy to bring you the holiday update 4.3.0. Join us as we celebrate Halloween in Lubenia!
We are pleased to present update 4.2.0. We hope that new combat challenges will help to warm your blood!
We're happy to bring you patch 4.1.4 which introduces small yet important changes.
Update 4.1.0 is now in the game! Are you ready to join the fight against new, terrifying enemies and collect all the unique rewards?
Update 4.0.0 has arrived in Lubenia!
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