Update 4.1.0
The Decay Cradle

A strange Decay is spreading through Lubenia. It infects the bodies of humans and wild animals, giving them incredible strength. The bodies of these unfortunate beings are deformed and mutated, as the effects of this are much more intense than the effects of the Grey Decay. Scouts bearing the banners of the Scarlet Angels have been able to discover a possible source of the spreading infection in an abandoned dungeon.

Entry to the Decay Cradle is available to all brave souls willing to answer the summons of the Scarlet Angels since you can choose a floor with an appropriate difficulty level. The ancient catacombs are much more spacious than they may seem at first, and danger lurks around every corner.

Once you enter the dungeon, you'll have to deal with the Decay Roots — large trunks full of infection. Before you can damage them, you have to destroy all the Cocoons that defend the Roots.
Be on your guard as you destroy the Cocoons. Once it senses a threat, the Decay will attempt to defend itself by summoning mutated creatures to try and stop you.

You have a limited amount of time to complete the floor. We don't recommend staying inside after the time runs out.

The Scarlet Hunt has been announced again in the Plaguelands. Find the cause of the infection and destroy it before the Decay enemies reach you!
The Scarlet Hunt

The Scarlet Hunt only lasts three weeks. Once it starts, you can find quests from Commander Sebastian Kerr in your Raven Cage. This time, you can complete both weekly and daily tasks. Make sure you complete them all in time!

Exiles receive a set of unique quests each week. Start the Hunt with easier enemies, before moving on to Master and Veteran-level tasks.

If you successfully complete the quests, you receive Hunt points that raise your combat rank and unlock access to rewards. When facing Decay enemies, you can obtain extremely valuable samples of the mysterious infection. There's someone in Lubenia who knows exactly what to do with them, but more about that later.


The Catacombs stretch down for several floors. You can unlock the next floor each new week of the Scarlet Hunt. Be careful — the deeper you descend, the harder your journey becomes. The poison fog that enshrouds this decay-infested place can deal damage, too, so act quickly.

Your opponents include creatures that only distantly resemble those you've seen before. Don't underestimate their strength. We'll discuss each enemy in more detail in our next post.

— Decay Root. The heart of the infection. Inside them is where samples for foul experiments grow. Don't let their appearance deceive you — their husks can withstand numerous attacks, and they feed on nearby Cocoons, meaning their defense is almost infinite.

— Decay Cocoons. Both a method of spreading the infection and a defense mechanism. On the one hand, the Cocoons serve as a power source in case of threats, and on the other, the decay-infected rats' nests spawn rats with terrifying speed.

The infected aim to spread the Decay across Lubenia. You may encounter wandering beings in the usual locations. Keep your weapon ready!


The Camp of Scarlet Angels is opening its doors to all Exiles who've reached level 7. This is one of the few truly safe locations in Lubenia, where you can find allies who are willing to provide you with all kinds of help.

— Cook. The firepit is the heart of any camp. Exiles can work with the Scarlet Angels Cook to prepare impressive new dishes that are both filling and have positive effects on health. Choose your ingredients wisely! Not every combination will prove successful.

— Scout. Solo trips through Lubenia cost a lot of effort. The Scout knows this better than anyone. Once a day, he'll happily share the coordinates of noteworthy events with Exiles.

— Decay Researcher. To defeat the infection, it must be carefully studied. The researcher will trade Decay samples for items that Exiles will find more useful.
Special Locations in the Camp

In the camp, Exiles can also quench their thirst with water from a sacred well. The priests that arrived alongside the Order have blessed it in the name of Harat. Now, the water both refreshes you and restores your energy.

Anyone who wants to test their weapon before heading on a mission can use the training dummy. Attacking it doesn't damage your blade, so don't hesitate to use your full strength!

Before you leave the camp, make sure to seek a blessing at the statue of Harat. Support from the forces of Light will be a great boon in battle.


Your efforts to cleanse Lubenia of Decay will not go unrewarded. Special rewards are in store for participants in the Scarlet Hunt.

— Living Chest. An exclusive, animated interior item that can decorate your castle. Anyone eager to get their hands on your treasure will think twice after seeing the smile of this charming chest.

— Ice Shield. A shield made of ice may seem fragile at first, but in fact, it provides excellent defense and freezes enemies.

— Plague Doctor Pannier. A stylish, spacious pannier that goes perfectly with the outfit of a doctor.

— Spiked Trident. A trident that both keeps enemies at a distance and is coated in lethal poison.

— Master's Axe. This is the renowned weapon of Master Eisenborg! Perfect for striking at large clumps of enemies.

The Imperial armorers are willing to share their knowledge about creating new equipment. You keep the recipes for these unique items after the end of the conflict, and they will be available for crafting at any time.

— Plague Doctor Set. A set made of thick leather, useful to any Exile willing to fight the Decay. Offers full protection from poison if all the items of the set are equipped.

— Mirror Chain Mail. A special hauberk reinforced with plates. The mirrored surface reflects light and enemy attacks.

— Horned Helmet. A heavy helmet topped by a pair of horns. The best option for protecting what matters most: your head.

— Assassin Falchion. A truly unusual and exotic weapon.

— Novice Mace. An imposing weapon capped with a mace head in the shape of the sun. The rays give the weapon its unique appearance and deal damage.
Changes to the Store

— Scarlet Angel Codes and Scarlet Hunt Seals are available to Exiles again in the in-game store.

Scarlet Hunter Codes allow players to receive elite rewards for completing Order tasks, including rewards for ranks they have already reached.

After an Exile activates a Code, they get, in addition to elite rewards, immediate access to additional daily tasks that correspond to the Code, and extra Hunt points.

— A new Exquisite Chest that will delight Exiles who prefer to keep supplies in a safe place.

— A Furious Gladiator pack that includes all the items of the set of the same name and is suitable for anyone who sees no need to play nice with enemies.

Other Changes

— Changed the task tracking interface.

— Added extra tasks for Exiles to Act 1.
We are pleased to present update 4.2.0. We hope that new combat challenges will help to warm your blood!
We're happy to bring you patch 4.1.4 which introduces small yet important changes.
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