Update 5.5.0

We are pleased to present update 5.5.0! This update brings important changes to the familiar mechanics governing everyday life in the game.

Upgradable chests in dungeon locations

We promised to solve the storage problem for those Exiles who love stocking up on resources before venturing into the dungeons. The sarcophagus chests on the surface above the Dungeon of the Forsaken and the Dungeon of the Torturers can now be upgraded.

The sarcophagi will have four levels in total, allowing you to increase their capacity up to 25 slots. In addition, Exiles will be able to sort the items in the sarcophagi by rarity.

We have also made visual improvements to the aboveground dungeon entrances, making them more atmospheric.
60 FPS

By popular demand from players, the game now has a 60 FPS option in the settings menu. This allows you to increase the number of frames per second and make the in-game image smoother.

Please note that the option will be available only on more powerful devices.
New Acolyte encounter mechanic

Based on your feedback, we've decided to change the Acolyte encounter mechanic. Now your chance of encountering an Acolyte of the Plaguelands Gods no longer depends on your level.

Starting with update 5.5.0, it will depend on your devotion points. High-level players will be able to encounter Acolytes at all locations, including those with one skull, if their devotion points are low in number.

Improved loot in northern locations

We have performed a complete overhaul of the resources gathered in the North. You'll now bring more loot back from long-distance expeditions.

We have significantly increased your chances of looting oats in the Catacombs, the Dungeon of the Torturers, the Night Cache, and the Merchant Escort event. Now traveling north will be easier and more profitable.

Bye-bye Craft Points

We've completely removed the Craft Points mechanic. Now you won't have to pick which recipe to learn now and which to set aside for later—complete freedom of action!

Other changes

— Players who have the Aegis of the Scarlet Angels will receive additional rewards: cat treat and bronze ingots. Some old rewards will also be changed. Plus, we've altered the way events appear on the map for Aegis of the Scarlet Angels subscribers. Events for these players will now appear more often.

— The cook at the Camp of Scarlet Angels will agree to cook two additional dishes if you watch ads.
We are pleased to present update 5.4.5! Update the game and find out more in our blog.
The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands.
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