Update 6.0.0

Six years ago, the Plaguelands first opened for you.
In honor of this incredible anniversary, we've prepared update 6.0.0.
It's time for new adventures!

Location maps

We often receive messages from confused Exiles who are having trouble locating events in the Plaguelands.
Just for you, we've created a new item: location maps.

One map unlocks a temporary event, making it possible to visit. You can store the map in your inventory and set off when you feel the time is right.

The available maps include already familiar locations, such as the Dark Offering or Wandering Merchant, as well as totally new ones.

You can find location maps, even extremely rare ones, all across Lubenia. Don't skip any chests!
New events

Necromancer's Lair

It seems the dead are appearing here for a reason. Track down the Necromancer among the gravestones, using the appearance of the undead on the map as your guide, and defeat him.

The difficulty of the location will vary depending on the level of the Exile that crosses its border.

Hunting Grounds

The first safe location in the Plaguelands.
Catch as many deer as you can carry, with no one to get in your way.

Forsaken Cache

Sometimes it's nice to find an entire chest that no one else has their eye on but you. The Forsaken once stored their treasure here, but it doesn't seem like they're coming back for it.
This is another small safe location.

Large Forsaken Cache

A large cache is a large stroke of luck. Lots of loot, just for you.

The Scarlet Hunt

The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands!

New quests and rewards await. The Quartermaster is returning along with the Scarlet Angels. New designs have been added to his inventory, so if you still have tokens from previous Hunts, he is willing to trade with you now. If not, he'll wait for you to earn tokens to purchase more valuable designs.

The Hunt can be entered by all Exiles who have reached level 6 and will last three weeks. After completing the Hunt, you will have three days to collect your rewards. If something special caught your eye, but you weren't able to reach the reward you wanted, you can always purchase Scarlet Hunt Seals in the store.


Scarlet Hunt participants will have access to more sophisticated tools for getting the essentials: an improved stone pick and improved axe.
You can use them to obtain the same amount of stone or lumber faster. That means you'll have more time for truly important tasks.

In addition to tools, we have new gear to offer Exiles.

Mourning Reaper's Set

The apparel of a servant of the Nameless God. Attentive Exiles will notice that visually, this armor resembles the Night Guest, and that's no accident. Owners of the Mourning Reaper's armor don't just get increased attack speed at night, they also stop taking damage from Cursed Earth and Aissa's Tracks.

Along with the armor, we suggest you try out the Reaper's Ceremonial Sword, which deals additional damage to enemies.

All your enemies will receive additional damage from this weapon, except these bosses:

Master Gerhard Eisenborg
Aissa the Great Foster Mother
Harid Fire Incarnate
Halt Coldbane
Master Rogvold’s Shadow

Weapons Shelf

A frugal Exile always has a weapon in store that's ready for battle or repair. To make storage more convenient, we've prepared the Weapons Shelf. At first, it might seem small, but as you increase your supplies, you'll be able to increase its capacity to 100 slots.

More specialized shelves and stands will be added in the future.

Other changes

— Traditional gift chests added for all Exiles who log into the game during the birthday update, daily treats replaced with milk and sweet pie, and birthday rewards now available for playing cards.
— Loot rebalance complete for the Merchant Escort and Wandering Merchant events as well as in the Dungeon of the Torturers and Shrine.
— Recipes from the Scarlet Angels Cook prepare properly no matter what order the ingredients are added.
— In the Dead Village, you're guaranteed to find a smith's hammer.
— Damage while sneaking is added for ranged weapons.
— At the Aissa's and Rogvold's locations, the Cemetery, and the Barbarian Camp all nighttime skills now work.

The ringing of Christmas bells fills the Plaguelands. Snow lies in a heavy blanket over familiar locations.
The holiday event is now available. Hurry to dress up in a traditional costume and participate in the turkey hunt!
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