Update 5.0.0

You've been conquering the Plaguelands with us for five whole years. We've prepared the anniversary update 5.0.0 to celebrate this milestone.

Happy Birthday, Grim Soul!

You've been traveling the Plaguelands of Grim Soul since February 2018. During this time, you've fought numerous strong opponents, outdone yourselves more than once, and obtained the most valuable rewards for your efforts. And, of course, you've helped us make our game better, more enjoyable, and more memorable. Our team is so grateful for your contribution to Grim Soul!

Even more novel and exciting experiences are in store for you.

We've prepared a gift for you to celebrate this event! Log into the game while the update lasts to collect a deluxe commemorative chest with 30 slots from storage.

Now it's time to find out what awaits you in the newest update!
The Return of Harid

After a brief respite, you will face the second of the Great Monsters: Harid Fire Incarnate. We've prepared three difficulty levels for this event for Exiles with different game experience.

Harid will not fight you alone. He has nine minions at his disposal, each with unique abilities that will be transferred to Harid if they die. You will meet three random cultists in each battle, so be ready for anything.

Fire Incarnate is a multi-phase boss with the ability to teleport instantly. At the start of the fight, Harid is invincible. To get to him, you will need to fight the cultists of Harat. Once you weaken them enough, Harid's impenetrable defense will be breached. This is the best time to attack!

While Harid is vulnerable, his cultists can't take damage, so stay focused and don't miss the moment when invincibility passes from the boss to the priests and vice versa.

We recommend getting the Frost Freeze Armor to protect yourself from Harid's fire attacks. The armor can be found in various parts of Lubenia. Take part in the Merchant Escort event and visit the Catacombs, the Dungeon of the Forsaken, and the Dungeon of the Torturers.

Starting from the second difficulty level, after you enter the Temple, you will no longer be able to leave until you defeat the enemy, so weigh the odds of success carefully before rushing into battle. After defeating Harid, you can challenge him again the next day. The location updates once a day.
Armorer's Table

Good armor is a valuable commodity for any Exile. It protects you from unexpected blows of fate, even if they're aimed right at your back. If you want your armor to retain its useful properties, you need to repair it regularly.

The long-awaited Armorer's Table collection will help Exiles keep their gear durable. You can get the table design by defeating the Great Monsters: Halt and Harid.

Thaler Purchase Deal

Exiles can now get a new and very profitable Thaler purchase deal in the store. After you purchase the deal, you can earn a total of 600 Thalers in a month. Log into the game every day and take your daily share of coins. Now you will always have a handful of coins in your pocket, just in case!

Don't skip days if you don't want to lose money. You won't be able to get Thalers for the days you've missed.

Skill Books

Starting with Update 5.0.0, Skill Books in the in-game store will be divided into three categories: Weapon Use, Survival Secrets, and Personal Power.

Exiles can now choose what branch to focus on when leveling up their character. If you've mastered all the available skills, you will get equally valuable Soul Shards instead of a book.

The Scarlet Hunt

This time, lucky hunters can expect additional rewards.

All Exiles who have reached level 6 can enter the Hunt, which will last 3 weeks. Check the Raven Cage to find weekly and daily quests. Try to complete them within the allotted time. After completing the Hunt, you will have 3 days to collect your rewards. Each week, new and more difficult quests will be added.

Complete tasks to earn Hunt Points, raise your combat rank, and unlock access to rewards. You can earn points by killing any enemies and collecting resources. The more you play, the more rewards you'll get!

If you're having trouble reaching the reward you want, you can always purchase Scarlet Hunt Seals and Codes. To gain experience faster, use Emperor's Letters, which are available in the store. If you love completing lots of tasks, check out Mandates.

The Scarlet Hunt Rewards

Exiles brave enough to join the battle and protect Lubenia will receive special items:

Ancient Stone Chest: this stone chest is older than any Exile, but its carrying capacity more than makes up for it.

Bibliophile's Pannier: 15 inventory slots disguised as a book.

Thunder God's Knuckledusters: deal additional damage to nearby enemies after successfully defeating someone in combat.

Silver Moon Sickle: at night, this elegant battle sickle deals twice the damage.

Exiles will also be interested in the Sun Dragon Set: mysterious Eastern armor that not only protects against blows but also helps to avoid traps. The latter will be especially handy when visiting Dungeons.

The Imperial Armorers will share knowledge on how to craft new equipment: the Fencing Doublet, Combat Shovel, Macuahuitl, and Straw Hat. You will keep the recipes for these items after the end of the conflict, and they will be available for crafting at any time.

Other changes

— A particularly spacious pannier with 17 slots will be available for sale both in the in-game store and on the website.

— Anyone who wants more than one holiday chest can now purchase additional ones.

— This update will temporarily replace Barrels of Honey in storage with holiday treats: Pies and Sour Milk
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