Update 5.2.0

We're happy to bring you update 5.2.0! It introduces new game mechanics, enemies, and even fluffy pets. Get ready to get a taste of the Lubenian aristocratic lifestyle and maybe even write your name into the songs of court bards!


Update 5.2.0 brings new fluffy creatures to Lubenia: cats.
You can find a little kitten at skull locations, get one from merchants in exchange for gold, or buy one from the in-game store. Now your home will feel cozier when you return from your journeys in the Plaguelands. Cats can live in a special house or accompany you around the home location.

Place the kitten in the cat house to turn it into an adult cat. The process takes 24 hours. Don't forget to leave enough food and water in the cat house to stop your pets from becoming exhausted. You can also give your pet Cat Treats to restore its stamina.
However, there is more to cats than their cute looks. They possess useful skills and will protect you from rodents who have their eye on your unattended resources.
Like direwolves, cats have rarity levels: common, rare, and unique. The higher the pet's rarity level, the more skills it can master.

The first skill is unlocked at level 1, the second at level 6, the third at level 8, and the fourth at level 10.

Mobs with area of effect attacks

New dangers have come to the Plaguelands. You will encounter the Plagueridden at locations marked by one skull. Their attacks can slow Exiles down. Be careful! You'll need to be quick to avoid AoE attacks.

Damned Warriors await you at locations marked by two or three skulls. In addition to having an area of effect, their attacks will also cause Exiles to bleed heavily.

Damned Zealots appear only at locations with three skulls. They are well protected from your blows and will not give up easily.

The Scarlet Hunt

The Scarlet Hunt has started.

Complete tasks, get unique rewards, and don't waste time! The Scarlet Hunt event will last for three weeks and will be available to players starting from level six.

General rewards are available to all players, but if you have a Scarlet Hunter Code, you will have the opportunity to get not only regular rewards, but elite rewards as well.

In addition, when you reach rank 50, you will be able to continue your adventures and win valuable prizes hidden in treasure troves.

You can get Scarlet Hunt Points for killing enemies, completing tasks, and using Scarlet Hunt Seals and special Scarlet Angels' Standards.


Scarlet Hunt participants have the chance to get unique designs and items. The rewards include both designs from past Hunts and new items.

For example, the Emperor's Shield absorbs a lot of damage, and the Imperial Blade that goes with it makes your enemies more likely to miss.

Connoisseurs of Lubenian culture will be rewarded with the unique Lute Pannier and a complete Bard's Set. Many entertainers followed their high-born benefactors into the Plaguelands but failed to survive—much to the delight of Exiles.

Other changes

— The Black Mass event is over.

— Harid Fire Incarnate challenges you to battle! Use this opportunity to collect the parts you need for the Armorer's Repair Table.

— The daily bonus for anyone who buys a Thaler Monthly Deal has increased. Note that you will only receive the increased number of Thalers after the update.

You've been conquering the Plaguelands with us for five whole years. We've prepared the anniversary update 5.0.0 to celebrate this milestone.
Welcome a small but important patch 4.6.0.
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