Update 6.1.0

Spring has arrived in the Plaguelands along with the update 6.1.0.
It's time to find out what changes have occurred in Lubenia this time!

Devotion Rebalance

Since Exiles gained the ability to follow the path of one of the gods' cults, we've received a lot of different opinions regarding skill balance.

After analyzing your feedback, we've improved many of the skills to highlight the uniqueness of each god and the significance of perks in character development.

New Locations

It seems the snow was hiding some interesting places from you... Starting with update 6.1.0 and beyond, two new locations appear on the world map:

Sacrificial Altar

Upon arriving at this location, you witness a sacrificial ritual.

Intervene in the battle on the side of your cult's acolytes to earn a devotion point.

If you haven't chosen which side to take yet, you can still collect parts from the chest at the location to upgrade your home altar.

Anyone who is too afraid to enter battle alone can free the unlucky sacrificial victim, who will gladly help you achieve victory.


There aren't many places in the Plaguelands where you can peacefully graze, and horses know it. Take advantage of their peaceful rest to catch a horse of your preferred color or hunt and gather fibers if you already have a faithful steed.

New Location Maps

Your Lubenia map collection is expanding.

Now you can trigger not only new locations but also familiar events:

  • Dead Knight
  • Treasure of the Damned
  • Broken Cart
  • Abandoned Crypt
  • Dead Village

In addition, you're able to find both maps and map cases of three rarities. When you open a map case, you receive one of the available maps for that day.

Expansion of the Basement

It's time for spring cleaning! Many Exiles have already completed construction of the first part of their basement. Now its area can be doubled.

Collect staples and other materials to expand the space in your basement.

Other Changes

  • Reworked the rewards of some events.
  • Updated the statistics window.
It seems the dead are appearing here for a reason. Track down the Necromancer among the gravestones, using the appearance of the undead on the map as your guide, and defeat him.
The ringing of Christmas bells fills the Plaguelands. Snow lies in a heavy blanket over familiar locations.
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