Update 4.4.0

We're pleased to introduce update 4.4.0!

After the Scarlet Hunt, we're giving you a chance to rest and get back to daily life in Lubenia. Recover your strength before the winter holiday update and remember to check out the store: Black Friday is starting.

Accelerated energy restoration

This break is definitely going to work in your favor! For a week after the release of this update, all Exiles will recover energy twice as fast as usual. This is an excellent chance to embrace the spirit of adventure and visit more locations in Lubenia.

Particularly active travelers will also appreciate the newest potion from the knights' arsenal: the Vigor Potion. Just one vial of this elixir is enough to instantly restore your energy to the maximum.


What's a holiday without a tasty, filling turkey? For seven days, these exotic birds will appear in locations throughout the Plaguelands. Test your skills as a hunter! A successful catch can earn you valuable resources, including Vigor Potion and Pilgrim costume pieces. This holiday attire is the perfect outfit for holiday hunting and expands your gear options.

If you don't manage to obtain the Pilgrim costume by hunting turkeys, you can always find it in the store.

Remember to check the Provisions Chest. A hearty, delicious-smelling turkey dish is ready for all Exiles.
Armor skin

Designs for Imperial Soldier's Armor are available now in the in-game store. The purchase comes with both the full set of armor and the design, so getting the right fit won't take long. A great offer for anyone eager to feel like a true Imperial warrior and expand their gear options.

As soon as you study the design, it becomes available in the crafting menu. No extra points are required to make the armor. This set has identical stats to copper armor and requires the same resources.

Black Friday

For a week after this update is released, prices in the store will be significantly lower. The store inventory will offer player favorites like black weapons, including an exotic new Black Bear's Paw. God Devotion Points and packs will be more affordable. Don't miss out on this great offer!

Store Changes

Make sure you take note of the new selection of beautiful, spacious chests. Each one has an increased capacity of 30 slots and a special design. Your items will be well-protected, be they gear or provisions.

Other Changes

— Improved weekly rewards for Aegis of the Scarlet Angels VIP subscription holders. Now only the best weapons will be added to your arsenal.

— It is now possible to play cards in the Camp of Scarlet Angels as well.
We're pleased to bring you the holiday update 4.5.0!
We're happy to bring you the holiday update 4.3.0. Join us as we celebrate Halloween in Lubenia!
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