Update 6.4.0
Exiles! Update 6.4.0 is now in effect. It's time to familiarize yourself with the new features and changes!
Now you have the ability to finish building a wagon!

If you have a horse, you can choose to travel by wagon. When you reach a location, the wagon remains next to the horse and functions as additional storage for items. If you die at a location, your horse will return to the home location with the wagon and all its contents. The cost of satiety for the horse is the same as when returning independently without a wagon.

The wagon can be upgraded. Each subsequent level increases the number of available item slots. The designs for the following levels and parts for the wagon can be obtained in Wagenburg.


A new permanent location for experienced Exiles.
The enemies in Wagenburg are very dangerous. You'll need to use all your available arsenal to gain victory: the best armor and weapons, scrolls, traps, and potions.

The types of opponents are determined randomly, so you'll have to carefully prepare for all unexpected situations. The inhabitants of Wagenburg have new combat tactics:

  • Archers try to keep their distance and shoot from afar
  • When they detect an Exile, they can call nearby allies.
  • The enemies can now heal, but the supply of healing remedies is limited, and healing doesn't work when an enemy is under the effect of fear, stun, or freezing.

New skills

Introducing new skill books:

  • Kill Command — an active skill that directs your direwolf at the target, giving the pet a temporary bonus to run speed, attack, and damage
  • Trained Wolves — direwolves deal more damage
  • Fireproof — resistance to fire
  • Frostproof — resistance to cold
  • Clotted Blood — resistance to bleeding
  • Hunter — faster trap placement
  • Quick Reload — faster crossbow reloading

New season of the Scarlet Hunt

  • Bookshelf — a new and convenient storage for books, scrolls, and maps
  • Falves Set — a new set that increases attack speed the more health the Exile has lost
  • Weighted Mace — a sturdy weapon for those who like to strike enemies hard

New items

  • The Heavy Crossbow is now available for crafting. The design can be obtained in Wagenburg.
  • Scroll of the Eye of the Raven Lvl 3. Duplicates the effect of the skill with the same name.

Other changes

  • The effect of the Raven Crossbow has been changed. Now it deals triple damage while sneaking and doesn't have an additional penalty when shooting at armored targets.
  • The damage of most ranged weapons has improved. The Ice and Fire Bows have been improved.
  • The Night-Vision Potion has been renamed to Cat Eye Potion and now highlights traps.
  • The update period for the Cursed Observatory is now two days instead of three.
  • The Torturer Shield has been renamed to the Gladiator Shield.

Get ready for new adventures! Improve your skills and become even stronger!

In update 6.3.0, we've focused on improving the existing mechanics, so that your survival becomes more diverse and entertaining.
The long-awaited update 6.2.0 is coming into its own.
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