Update 4.0.0
Update 4.0.0 has arrived in Lubenia! Check out the main changes and head out on new adventures.

The Return of Halt

We thank you all for participating in the survey. The mighty Coldbane will return to the Plaguelands for a fateful showdown with the Exiles. For three weeks after the update, the spirit of death will be waiting for you in the Frozen Forest. Can you banish her and collect all the valuable rewards?
The 2nd Floor of the Dungeon of the Torturers

At last, the Scarlet Angels came back with the news of encountering Torturer Scouts on the North and on the outskirts of the dungeon. Important information about the access to the second floor of the dungeon can only be obtained from them. But before you go looking for them, you'll need to get Scrolls of Control Lvl 3. Of course, the Torturer Scouts will not reveal the information easily, so be ready to obtain it by force. These barbarian folks are tough — a Torture Chair won't be enough. You can find all the Torture Rack parts in the Secret Room and in the final chest on the first floor of the Dungeon of the Torturers. Eventually, scouts could even point you the shortest route to the main treasure. Wandering blindly through the abode of barbarians driven insane by bloody rituals can be deadly. Many Exiles have already dared to visit the dungeon's first floor and experienced the great power of the Torturers firsthand. Before descending further into the dungeon, you should learn more about this terrifying place and make sure that you are properly equipped.

New Dangers

The depths of the dungeon are teeming with new traps, puzzles, and other obstacles you can interact with. Apart from the final chest, the rooms contain additional treasures — the most attentive Exiles have the chance to discover new passages and the Secret Room. Just as before, you will need powder bombs to open the passage. You will also fight unique enemies that you haven't met before.

Headhunter. Careful! Watch your head! If a Headhunter's axe hits you, you may briefly lose the ability to move and defend against incoming attacks.
Fire Guardian. This elemental monster is a product of bloodthirsty experiments of the Order's priestesses. Despite its robust health, it has a significant weakness: the fire raging inside it can be quickly extinguished by any ice weapon.

The Cruel Torturer. A powerful barbarian warrior whose attacks are best avoided. If you do get hit by his weapon, your attack and movement speed will be greatly reduced.

The Punisher. A dangerous opponent. Each health loss boosts the power of his attacks twice. Be ready to fight him two times in a row, as the Punisher has the power of resurrection.


Exiles who make it through to the dungeon will be rewarded with the most valuable items.

Gladiator Set.
Worn by warriors of the War Dogs order, this unique armor serves as proof of formidable strength. Equip the full set to get a chance to inflict bleeding on those who attack you in the melee.

The Dogs of War Axe.
A great weapon for fighting against armed opponents. It can damage enemy weapons and reduce the physical damage they deal. This effect does not work against unarmed enemies.
The Executioner's Hook. The exotic blade of this legendary guisarme will significantly reduce resistance and damage the armor of anyone who dares to get close enough to you. Although only a few will be able to do that.

The Bear's Paw.
This dangerous high-speed barbarian weapon will make your enemies bleed to death.
Torturer Shield. This trusty comrade-in-arms will protect Exiles even from the strongest blows of their opponents.

Inside the dungeon's chests, you may find skillbooks for upgrading your damage and evasion skills from level 6 to 10. Exiles also have a chance of finding useful volumes for upgrading their healing skills. One of the most valuable rewards you may find on the second floor is the design of a new spacious and spectacular Iron Maiden pannier, which unlocks a quick slot when equipped. Another thing you may find in the depths of the dungeon is the Blast Furnace Design. Use it at the castle location to unlock a new building. The furnace allows Exiles to smelt steel at their home location.

Healing Mechanic Changes

In order to reduce the load on the game servers and avoid lags for players all around the world, we're constantly improving the server architecture, preparing it to further updates, including multiplayer ones. This time it required to add a minimum cooldown (0.5 sec) for quick slot items. To make sure these changes don't have a negative effect on the health of Exiles, we will introduce new tincture healing skills and add new levels for existing healing skills. Each level of the Mighty Health skill will now give you not 1, but 2 health points. There are separate cooldowns for different categories of consumables — scrolls, food, and medicine. You will also have a higher chance of finding empty vials needed for tinctures in caches, as well as in the North and in dungeons. For Exiles fighting under the Aegis of the Scarlet Angels, berry drinks will be replaced with splendid mushroom soup. And above all, there will be new options to upgrade a territory of your castle. Exiles will now be able to build 2 meat dryers, 2 fires, and 2 campfires at their home location.

New Items in the Store

You can now buy the Dungeon Master Chest in the in-game store. It contains items that will make building the Torture Rack much easier. Dungeon conquerors will also like the new Treasure Keeper Chest. It contains the exclusive Wandering Merchant Pannier, which will set you apart from others with its unique design and additional quick slot. We have also prepared something for your castle. The spacious 20-slot Bronze Chest and the 25-slot Bone Chest are now available for purchase in the store.

Other Changes:

— Skillbooks are now displayed in the list of trophies at locations.
— Possible trophies are now displayed at your neighbors' locations.
— The character creation screen has been updated.
— All ice weapons now have cold damage.
— We have rebalanced some Exile abilities.
— We have also rebalanced loot at locations.
— A new limited sale. Check out the excellent discounts on items marked Limited. The offer will expire in a week.
We're happy to bring you patch 4.1.4 which introduces small yet important changes.
Update 4.1.0 is now in the game! Are you ready to join the fight against new, terrifying enemies and collect all the unique rewards?
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