Update 5.3.0
Get ready to meet update 5.3.0. In this update, we invite you to improve the safest place in Lubenia: your castle.


It's time to expand! To survive, Exiles need a variety of resources.
You've often mentioned running out of place to store things at your home location, so we've added the option of building a basement. At first, your basement won't be all that big, but you can always dig additional slots and expand your underground storage.

First and foremost, we recommend that you move the resources stored in the bodies of defeated enemies in your castle. Storing items this way affects game performance and leads to technical issues.
In one of the forthcoming updates, bodies will begin to decay, and they will disappear along with their contents.

Extra crafting points

Need more hammers to learn new building designs? Worry not! In update 5.3.0, every Exile will receive five additional crafting points. You don't need to do anything, points will appear in your crafting menu automatically once the update is released. It's up to you to choose how to spend them.

Lvl 2 Armorer's Repair Table​

Any armor becomes unusable over time. Armorer's Repair Table owners have already learned to mend regular armor, and now it’s time to master repairing armor of higher quality and rarity. Defeat Halt and Harid on any difficulty you like, find a Lvl 2 table design, collect the necessary resources, and start repairing.

Other changes

— New packs will be added to the in-game store. Stock up on scrolls for your castle library or purchase additional resources to expand your basement.

— You will get one free cat and wolf treat when you first enter the store.

— Halt Coldbane awaits Exiles in the Frozen Forest.
We're happy to bring you update 5.2.0! It introduces new game mechanics, enemies, and even fluffy pets.
You've been conquering the Plaguelands with us for five whole years. We've prepared the anniversary update 5.0.0 to celebrate this milestone.
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