Update 4.2.0

We are pleased to present update 4.2.0. We hope that new combat challenges will help to warm your blood!

New boss

A strange glow on the horizon has lit the sky over the Plaguelands. Fires are rare here, and, like any oddity, the outbreak has drawn the attention of the Scarlet Angels. Their scout was only able to find one witness in the dense forest. The poor soul is blinded and mad with terror. He keeps rambling incoherently about a monstrous knight, a Harat ritual, and flames illuminating the ruins of a crumbling temple. This is the last thing the man dressed in ritual robes ever saw.

The Scarlet Angels suspect that another Great Monster is at work here. If you dare to see for yourself, head to the site of the ancient Temple of Harat. But remember: where there is a temple, there are priests. Will they be friendly?

Harid Fire Incarnate

Before the fight, you can choose from three difficulty levels: normal, heroic, and legendary. All of them can be completed daily and in successive order. Before you can begin the most difficult fight, you must first defeat Harid on the two easier difficulties.

Harid is surrounded by minions, and his attacks deal a new type of damage: fire damage.

To protect yourself from the flames, we recommend getting Frost Freeze Armor. Its sturdy, frost-covered plates will help you to resist the power of righteous fire.

Frost Freeze equipment can be found in various locations around Lubenia. Take part in events, visit your neighbors, the shrine, and dungeons, and don't forget to go see the Gatekeeper.

Fire Incarnate is a multi-phase boss with the ability to teleport instantly. At the start of the fight, Harid is invincible. To get to him, you must fight the cultists of Harat who performed the original summoning ritual.

Harid has a total of nine minions with unique abilities. When the cultists die, their abilities are transferred to the boss. In each battle, you must fight three random cultists. Remember to keep an eye out for traps and try not to fall into them.

Once you weaken Harid's minions enough, his impenetrable defense will be breached. Use that opening to attack him!

While the boss is vulnerable, his minions can't take damage, so stay focused and don't miss the moment when invincibility passes from the boss to the priests and vice versa.

After entering the Temple, you won't be able to leave until the end of the battle. If you fail to defeat the boss the first time around, the location will be available for replay.

Exiles who survive all the battle phases and slay Harid will receive unique rewards.

Harid's Helm. Even after Harid's death, his helm remains hot inside and can't be used as intended. However, it makes a worthy addition to your collection of trophies. It will not only adorn your house, but will also let others know about your exploits in battle.

Pannier of Living Fire Design. Warriors who receive this design will be able to create a special spacious pannier that will scare away the Night Guest with its light.

Pannier of Living Fire. When fighting Harid on higher difficulty levels, Exiles will also have a chance to get a ready-made Pannier of Living Fire.

Defensive Salve. Use this special salve to temporarily increase your protection against elemental damage.

Beech Wood. High-quality bonfire or furnace fuel always comes in handy.

Concentration Potion. This unique potion speeds up your active skill cooldown. The effect lasts 30 minutes.

New weapons

Harid Fire Incarnate is a formidable opponent. The fire damage he deals can pose a serious problem even for experienced Exiles. However, it's a good opportunity to learn something new. The special weapons from update 4.2.0 will bring you closer to the image of a fiery knight. In addition, fire weapons scare away the Night Guest if you run into him in your travels around Lubenia.

Fire Partisan. This flaming spear will keep your opponents at a safe distance.

Inquisitor's Kiss. A two-handed hammer that sets the ground under your enemies' feet on fire.

Bow of Searing Flame. Even flying enemies can't avoid the fire damage this bow deals.

Temple Torch. A much better quality torch than the ones you can make at home.

In-game store

Be sure to check out new arrivals in the store:

— The Seasoned Knight pack contains frosted armor pieces that offer effective protection against elemental damage.

— The Two-handed weapons pack offers a wide range of particularly powerful weapons, including a legendary Master's Axe.

— The long-awaited pannier pack is already available to game veterans in the in-game store. A new Panniers pack is waiting for the veterans of the game in the store. The offer is time-limited!

— The Armor Chest pack now contains a new set with a fire protection.

Other changes

— We've added rice seeds that you can grow in your garden. You'll come across them as often as you come across leek seeds. You can eat rice raw, but the cook at the Camp of Scarlet Angels can provide you with a more satisfying meal: Rice Cakes.

— Сhances to receive parts of Torture Rack and Torture Chair are increased for an unlimited time. Complete buildings and get access to the next dungeon floors.

— Friendship Keys are now automatically included in the list of chests available to be opened. Friendship Keys stored in players' backpacks, chests, and storage have been recalculated and added to the interface, and their copies have been replaced with Flax Fiber.

— The rewards for the Aegis of the Scarlet Angels levels have been improved significantly. You now have a chance to get wolf treats and copper.

Dear iOS users! The update will be available in a few days.
We're happy to bring you patch 4.1.4 which introduces small yet important changes.
Update 4.1.0 is now in the game! Are you ready to join the fight against new, terrifying enemies and collect all the unique rewards?
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