Update 5.7.0

The holiday event is now available. Hurry to dress up in a traditional costume and participate in the turkey hunt!


Skull locations are once again filled with gobbling, which means turkey season is open. The luckiest Exiles will not only be able to replenish their meat supplies, but also get valuable rewards.

But be careful when hunting. If you get greedy and kill too many birds, you will anger the Turkey Boss. He is significantly larger and more aggressive than his relatives.

During the festive event, Exiles will be able to get unique rewards. Both items and the designs to craft them will be available:

— Pilgrim Father Pannier. This unique pannier is so lightweight and convenient that traveling with it is a pleasure. Its owners' energy consumption is reduced when moving around the Plaguelands. You can look for the pannier in the Catacombs and the Dungeon of the Torturers, or you can purchase it in the game store.

— Pilgrim Set. The commemorative armor of a real pilgrim. You can find it by hunting turkeys, but only Exiles who defeat the Turkey Boss can obtain its design.

Black weapons

Legendary black weapons—you've probably heard about them from experienced Exiles. Already familiar and proven weapons with greater durability—isn't that a good enough reason to seek them out? Moreover, black weapons can now be sharpened just like their regular analogues.

You can find black weapons in the following events: Fallen Knight, Broken Cart, and Merchant Escort.

Black weapons can also be obtained as Dark Offering rewards, by trading with merchants, and in northern locations. And there is a high chance of getting your hands on the Master's Black Axe after defeating Eisenborg on heroic difficulty.

Exiles can also purchase new weapons during Black Friday. Don't forget to check out the discounts too!

In addition to durable weapons, Exiles can acquire new high-durability black armor, as well as black variations of a Glaive, Katana, and Composite Bow.

Other changes

— Halloween is over in the Plaguelands.

— Blocking locations by level. The required level can be seen under the location window. Now novice Exiles will not wander into places that are too dangerous for them.

— Be careful! Now new enemies can appear in locations until you open all the chests there. After that, the location will be safe from surprise guests, and you can collect the remaining resources without any trouble.

— Explanation window for buffs and debuffs. By pressing the ℹ️ icon next to the status bar, you can see exactly which effects are applied to an Exile.

The most mystical night of the year is upon us, which means it's time for the traditional Halloween update. Welcome to 5.6.0!
Immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere before the main Halloween celebration, which will happen in the forthcoming update.
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