Update 5.5.5

We are pleased to present update 5.5.5! It will bring minor technical changes to the Plaguelands and a new event on the world map.

Barbarian Camp

While traveling through Lubenia, you may stumble across a barbarian camp. Its architecture is very intricate and looks like a real maze. Should you choose to embark on this difficult path, know that you'll have to walk it in total darkness. Your visibility will be limited, and numerous enemies lurk in the corners of the labyrinth. Show off your fighting skills to stay alive and get to the final chest with valuable rewards.

The event is available to Exiles level 25 and above.
Plague Priest

En route to the new event, keep an eye on statues. The Plague Priest can turn to stone and pretend to be one of them. Defeat him or try to reach the end of the maze without encountering him to claim your reward.

Rebalanced Shields

The rising sun never truly shines on the Plaguelands. With the help of the Night-Vision Potion, Exiles can expand their field of vision in dark locations without using a torch.

You can find the Night-Vision potion in the Catacombs, on the first floor of the Dungeon of the Forsaken, during the Merchant Escort and Night at the Cemetery events, as well as among the rewards in the Night Cache.Changes will also affect Exiles who prefer to use shields in combination with one-handed weapons:

— The active skill of simple Woven and Leather shields will now recharge faster, and blocking attacks will have a much lower impact on their remaining durability.

— The cost of crafting all shields except Buckler has been reduced. Now it will be easier for novice and experienced Exiles to protect themselves from evil spirits.

— A new Composite Shield is available for crafting in the crafting menu.

Other changes

— The Copper Trap is now more accessible to all categories of Exiles. Prepare to meet Aissa!

— Cats now meow more quietly.

This update brings important changes to the familiar mechanics governing everyday life in the game.
We are pleased to present update 5.4.5! Update the game and find out more in our blog.
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