Update 5.5.6

Start preparing for the most supernatural day of the year and say hello to update 5.5.6! Immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere before the main Halloween celebration, which will happen in the forthcoming update.

Halloween Preparations

Exiles' castles will be adorned with festive decorations on the eve of the Day of the Dead. Leaf wreaths, spider webs, and colorful pumpkins will add a festive atmosphere to your usual setting. You can also find a traditional Scarecrow recipe in the crafting menu. Get ready to celebrate!

The recipe for an autumn delicacy, Baked Pumpkin, is once again available for foodies. During the event, Exiles will be able to find pumpkin seeds and grow them in their gardens. Don't forget to check the Night Cache and loot from witches, Templars, and knights.

During your travels, you have a chance to encounter special ghost wolflings. The direwolves and horses already in your castle have also taken on festive colors.
The Dead Village

On the eve of Halloween, Exiles will be able to wander into a mysterious village. The inhabitants left it long ago, and only monsters scurry around the old houses. Could there still be something valuable inside? Be sure to find out!

New Trophy

Is it possible to behead a ghost? Well, why don't you see for yourself?

Head to the Sinister Citadel for a new trophy: Rogvold's Head. After defeating him, you can take the design for a new pannier from the final chest. It has a special effect—reducing the chance of fear being inflicted. It's perfect for anyone who loves the supernatural.

Pet Overhaul

Do your pets eat too much? Well, we've changed that!

Now meat, fish, water, and special treats will fill your furry companions more. Save time and embark on other adventures instead of hunting for food. Cats now take longer to get tired. In addition, you can instantly restore an exhausted pet's energy by watching an ad or spending Thalers.

We have also improved numerous pet skills, including Rescuer, Cute, Frugal, Prudent, Capable, Plague, Defender, Husky, Zippy, and Hunter.

Other changes

— Cat food no longer poisons Exiles.

— For the duration of the update, honey barrels have been replaced with festive muffins.

— You have a chance to get the Gatekeeper's Ritual Mask as a reward for killing him.

— We have reduced prices for a number of bank items: A Date with Aissa, Two-Handed Weapon Pack, Monthly Thaler Deal, Tailor's Chest, and Digger Pack.

We are pleased to present update 5.5.5! It will bring minor technical changes to the Plaguelands and a new event on the world map.
This update brings important changes to the familiar mechanics governing everyday life in the game.
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