Update 6.3.0

In update 6.3.0, we've focused on improving the existing mechanics, so that your survival becomes more diverse and entertaining.

Let's take a closer look and evaluate the changes!

Elemental damage

May the gods favor you!

Starting from this update, full sets with protection from cold and fire give an additional bonus to protection against damage from this element.

Furthermore, elemental damage to bosses has increased. Halt and Rogvold are now particularly vulnerable to fire damage, while Harid is vulnerable to ice damage.

Obtaining elemental weapons has become easier: we have increased the number of places where they can be found.

Of course, this also means that the Legendary difficulty of Harid and Halt will require you to be more prepared for elemental attacks. But the rewards are worth it! Exiles who win a Legendary battle will be guaranteed to receive parts of the Armorer's and Bladesmith's Tables.

Persistent Salve

In battle, every second can be fatal. Apply Persistent Salve to your body, and for a whole three minutes, elemental damage will be significantly reduced.
It may not smell too good, but safety comes first!

Wandering Merchants

There are those among the Wandering Merchants who are willing to exchange rare items with you.
If you have accumulated several feeding troughs, why not exchange them for a convenient and durable bridle?
That's what we thought you'd say.

New events

The map of the Plaguelands continues to expand. In this update, we have prepared two new locations for you.

Forsaken Hermit's Hut

In this cozy hut, the Forsaken Hermit has taken refuge. They say he knows the secrets of the dungeon better than anyone else. But will he want to disclose them voluntarily?

Virbjorn's Lair

Experienced Exiles know that Virbjorn is one of the most dangerous creatures of the Plaguelands. But still, there are those who dare to attack him in his own lair.
Overcome the beast and take the treasures lost by your less fortunate predecessors.

Difficulty levels of events

Have you ever felt that some locations in the Plaguelands are no longer worth the time you spend on them?
In this update, we have started to rebalance familiar events and categorize them by difficulty based on the player's level.
The Dead Village, Fallen Knight, and Broken Cart will now change as you change.
For the Exiles from levels 1 to 35, 35 to 100, 100 to 170, and 170 to 200, these events have different levels of difficulty.
And with the change in difficulty, the rewards also change!

Other changes

— Skills related to weapons now apply to some epic and unique weapons, such as elemental ones.
— Daily quests for using specific types of weapons apply to some legendary and epic weapons, such as elemental ones.
— The visuals of the Templar Set have been reworked.

The long-awaited update 6.2.0 is coming into its own.
Spring has arrived in the Plaguelands along with the update 6.1.0.
It's time to find out what changes have occurred in Lubenia this time!
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