Update 5.8.0

The ringing of Christmas bells fills the Plaguelands. Snow lies in a heavy blanket over familiar locations. That means it's time for update 5.8.0!

The Scarlet Hunt Anniversary

The Scarlet Hunt has been announced in the Plaguelands!
Starting this season, Exiles with Codes will receive two guaranteed rewards for reaching each next level of the Hunt.
Among the rewards you will also spot a new currency: the Scarlet Angels Insignia. These are special tokens used only by members of the Order. We advise you to contact the Scarlet Angels Quartermaster to exchange the tokens for special rewards.
Scarlet Angels Quartermaster

Each Scarlet Hunt, the Quartermaster will meet the Exiles at the Camp of Scarlet Angels location. He can sell you the missing designs of items you were unable to obtain during previous Hunts, as well as other objects.
The tokens will be valid regardless of what Hunt they were earned in.


Scarlet Hunt participants will compete for valuable rewards and unique designs:

Snow Hunter Set — unique armor that can freeze up to five enemies.
Snow Hunter Pannier — a spacious pannier with a winter-inspired design.
Poleaxe — a simple two-handed weapon for those who like their weapons heavy.
The poleaxe design will be available to Code owners without any need to tempt fate.

Presents from Commander Claus

Commander Claus and his assistants have returned to the Plaguelands. And they haven't come back empty-handed!
More than thirty presents are waiting for someone to open them.
Collect Christmas wreaths, exchange them for keys, and choose how many and which presents you want to open today.

The Winter Battle of Good and Evil

Commander Claus and Plague Santa will fight in a special location. But Plague Santa isn't going to play fair. Commander Claus will face several waves of enemies, and while he is a truly powerful ally, he will need your help to defeat them all and take on Plague Santa.

If your character dies, you can go back to the location, collect your items, and try your luck again the next day. Don't give up!

Plague Santa's Estate

While Plague Santa roams the lands of Lubenia in his cursed sleigh, Exiles may try to plunder his icy haven.
Santa doesn't keep presents in his ice chests and gift sacks... He uses them to hide weapons for his companions.
Defeat Plague Santa's servants and take everything you can carry for yourself. And bring bombs—you might need them.

Plague Elf

Have you noticed special Christmas chests in locations? Open them with caution! When you open a chest, you may find a Plague Elf inside. He won't fight you, but do try to catch him, as he'll try to take most of the loot from the chest with him.

Winter Animals

Many Exiles have seen special winter wolflings that appear with the first snow.
Now the luckiest ones can try to win an epic winter-colored direwolf at cards.


Traditional fun returns to Lubenia.
Merchants will bring an elegant and strong Christmas horse for sale, and Exiles will again be able to set up a decorated Christmas tree in their home locations.
The Secret Room in the Dungeon of the Forsaken will change its appearance and content. Go see for yourself!
Daily gifts will change too. In addition to the traditional plum pudding, you will receive a small number of Christmas wreaths.

And on the night between December 24 and December 25, all Exiles will find a special gift in their storage and additional Christmas wreaths in their account.

Store Changes

— Arsonist's Pack. A new pack for those who love a good explosion.

— Ice weapons will appear in packs. Ice Chests, the Frozen Throne, and a whole host of festive treats, loved by many Exiles, will also make a return.

Other changes

— Thanksgiving is over in the Plaguelands.

— Black weapons will no longer appear in locations and will disappear from the store.

— Freezing Potions now not only freeze enemies but also cause damage.

— New crafting item: Truesilver. Use it to create Snow Hunter Armor.

— Fixed the issue with the level 4 Direwolf Pen design. Now it drops during the 15th wave in the Catacombs.

The holiday event is now available. Hurry to dress up in a traditional costume and participate in the turkey hunt!
The most mystical night of the year is upon us, which means it's time for the traditional Halloween update. Welcome to 5.6.0!
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