Update 5.4.0
The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands.

The Scarlet Hunt event will last for three weeks and will be available to players starting from level six. Make sure to take advantage of this and complete tasks to get valuable rewards.

General rewards are available to all players, but if you have a Scarlet Hunter Code, you will have the opportunity to get not only regular rewards, but elite rewards as well.

In addition, when you reach rank 50, you will be able to continue your adventures and win valuable prizes hidden in treasure troves.

You can get Scarlet Hunt Points for killing enemies, completing tasks, and using Scarlet Hunt Seals and special Scarlet Angels' Standards.

Decay Cardle

Throughout the entire Scarlet Hunt event, players will have access to a special dungeon: the Decay Cradle.

To advance through the dungeon and get more rewards, Exiles must clear out Decay Roots. Before you can damage them, you have to destroy all the Cocoons that defend the Roots.

Be careful! The first attack on the Cocoons will attract enemies who are ready to defend the Decay to their last breath.

The Decay Cradle has three difficulty levels. You can only return to your body and resume your progress on the first level. Prepare well before setting off on more dangerous adventures.

You have a limited amount of time to complete the floor. We don't recommend staying inside after the time runs out. If you manage to complete the dungeon, the timer will stop, and you'll be able to claim your reward without any trouble.


Exiles who start on the path of the Scarlet Hunt will be able to use unique weapons and armor.

Desert Hunter's Set. Richly decorated armor coated in gold that shines even in Lubenia's shadows.
Simoom Blades. Twin blades that make you hit things faster.
Luxury Pannier. Even stones will feel like jewels in this pannier

Other changes

Please note that starting with this update, enemy corpses will start to decompose. A timer will be shown on each corpse, indicating the amount of time Exiles have left to transfer resources. The maximum amount of time is three days.
Get ready to meet update 5.3.0. In this update, we invite you to improve the safest place in Lubenia: your castle.
We're happy to bring you update 5.2.0! It introduces new game mechanics, enemies, and even fluffy pets.
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