Update 6.2.0

The long-awaited update 6.2.0 is coming into its own.

Cartographer's Table

The Cartographer's Table is a special construction in the game that allows you to assemble location maps from map fragments. It is a useful tool for all travelers who love to explore locations in Lubenia.

If you haven't managed to assemble the table yet, you can acquire whole maps from the Scarlet Angels Scout in exchange for resources and map fragments. Note that assembling maps on your own is more profitable than trading with the Scout. In addition, by assembling a map yourself, you have a chance to get a rarer map.

Cursed Observatory

Wandering through the expanses of Lubenia, you may discover something completely new.

The Cursed Observatory is a building engulfed by time and nature. The entrance to the location is through gates that once served as the visitors' entrance. Immediately past the entrance is a library filled with dusty shelves holding books, archival documents, and various items.

Be careful, as ghosts of scribes and scientists who once worked there wander the Observatory. These angry spirits are vulnerable to additional fire damage—keep that in mind when preparing for battle.

At the location, you can find valuable items like recipes and resources for the Cartographer's Table, maps, map fragments, and many other valuable things.

In the future, you will be able to uncover even more secrets of the Observatory.

Forsaken Caches

The Small Forsaken Cache and the Large Forsaken Cache are available for Exiles again.
Visit these events to find caches of treasure.
These events are only available using maps. The easiest way to find map fragments for the Caches is by looting the bodies of the Forsaken.

Armor Shelf

The Armor Shelf is a special item that will make it more convenient for you to store armor in your castle. This is a spacious storage area designed exclusively for armor. Expanding the shelf (up to 100 slots) allows you to store more armor in one place and gives you the opportunity to better prepare for various trials and battles.

Crafting changes

Now there is no need to search endlessly through your inventory and home chests for the item you want. If you have the item, it will automatically be counted when crafting items at the home location and during construction.

The Scarlet Hunt

The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands!

New quests and rewards await. The Quartermaster is returning along with the Scarlet Angels. New designs have been added to his inventory, so if you still have tokens from previous Hunts, he is willing to trade with you now, or he'll wait for you to earn tokens to purchase more valuable designs.

The hunt can be entered by all Exiles who have reached level 6 and will last three weeks. After completing the Hunt, you will have three days to collect your rewards. And if something special has caught your eye, but you've failed to get your hands on the desired reward, you can always purchase Scarlet Hunt Seals in the store.


The Executioner's Set: this armor is made of black and red leather. It looks intimidating and is comfortable to wear. The full set gives you a chance to deal five times the damage to targets with low health. Look stylish when executing your enemies!

The Fiery Retribution Shield: the embodiment of the element of fire and power, capable of protecting the owner from a strong blow. When blocking attacks, it deals fire damage to enemies around.

Sturdy Club: hits hard on the head, stuns the enemy while sneaking.

Butcher's Cleaver: this heavy cleaver helps to replenish a direwolf's satiety when its master is fighting enemies.

Master Hunter's Pannier: designed in the style of the Scarlet Angels. It is a symbol of honor and an excellent 20-slot storage for your items.

New treats for pets

Your fluffy friends also need variety. In this update, we have added new treats for them. But if things go bad, the Exile can try snacking on them too.

Bowl of Milk: give it to your cat to increase its experience. When consumed by an Exile, it replenishes satiety and thirst.

Bull's Heart: a treat for direwolves that increases their experience. For Exiles, it replenishes satiety but causes nausea.

Other changes

— Sebastian Kerr has new rewards available in exchange for relics. After receiving all the rewards, you can refresh the lineup and receive the rewards again. The rewards line can be refreshed an unlimited number of times.
— Increased chance of triggering freezing for the Snow Hunter Set.
— The Executioner's Axe has been renamed to Berserker Axe, and its properties have been changed. Now its effect changes depending on the amount of missing health. The less health you have, the higher the bonus, but you don't have to take the risk.
Spring has arrived in the Plaguelands along with the update 6.1.0.
It's time to find out what changes have occurred in Lubenia this time!
It seems the dead are appearing here for a reason. Track down the Necromancer among the gravestones, using the appearance of the undead on the map as your guide, and defeat him.
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