Update 5.4.5
We are pleased to present update 5.4.5! Update the game and find out more in our blog.

Cat breeding and upgraded cat house

Has the cat house become too small for your kittens? No problem! Exiles can now upgrade the cat house to level 4 and have up to 20 meowers in their castle.

You can find the designs to upgrade the cat house in the Catacombs and at 5 Skull locations, as well as obtain them by defeating Aissa and Rogvold.

The update also introduces the cat breeding mechanic. Exiles can now breed cats of various colors and increase their chance of getting pets with useful skills. Don't forget that a cat must reach level 4 before it can become a parent.

In addition, Exiles can now see the buffs they get from their pets on the screen next to the experience bar. This change applies both to cats and direwolves.

Open chests marked on the map

The Plaguelands are very dangerous. It's best not to linger in one place for too long if you want to make it back to your castle alive. To make this task easier for Exiles, we've changed the chest icons at locations. Now the chest icon shows whether you have opened the chest before and if there is anything useful left inside.
Building materials counter

Exiles carry a wide variety of resources they need for survival. Keeping a mental list of them is not always convenient.

To make the construction process easier, we've added the list of your building materials to the screen. Now you won't need to check your inventory to figure out what resources you're missing.

Other changes

— The Cat-Breeder Set has been added to the in-game store. It contains all you need to upgrade your cat house and breed pets.
The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands.
Get ready to meet update 5.3.0. In this update, we invite you to improve the safest place in Lubenia: your castle.
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