Update 5.6.0

The most mystical night of the year is upon us, which means it's time for the traditional Halloween update. Welcome to 5.6.0!

Evil Spirit Hunters

The Scarlet Angels have other allies besides you, including the mysterious Evil Spirit Hunters, who are temporarily staying at the Camp of Scarlet Angels.

If you help them collect a special resource, they will share some of their weapons and artifacts with you.

Keep your eyes open in locations! Were these sarcophagi here before? We don't think so. Maybe you can find something the Hunters need inside.
Vilgraw Ruins

Visit the ruined town of Vilgraw, now positively swarming with the risen dead. Scouts report that the madman Ottar is once again conducting dark rituals in the ruins. Stop the priest and bring the dead the peace they deserve.

Enemies summoned by Ottar will appear in front of Exiles with a new look and skills. The labyrinths of this burial ground are teeming with skeletons, ghosts, and unique creatures that have received their power through dark rituals. Be ready — they've become much more dangerous.

The Scarlet Hunt

The Scarlet Hunt has been declared in the Plaguelands.

The hunt can be entered by all Exiles who have reached level 6 and will last three weeks. After completing the Hunt, you will have three days to collect your rewards.

And if something special has caught your eye, but you've failed to get your hands on the desired reward, you can always purchase Scarlet Hunt Seals in the store.

Complete tasks to earn Hunt Points, raise your combat rank, and unlock access to rewards.

With each week of the Scarlet Hunt, you will get access to a more dangerous level of Vilgraw Ruins.


Among the rewards of this hunt, Exiles will find:

— Stylish and spooky Spider Pannier and spacious Sacrificial Chest.

— Sinister Gaze Blade, which has the chance to cause fear in enemies when used in attack. It also deals bonus damage to targets under control effects, such as those affected by fear, freeze, or stun.

— Sinister Knight's Set: unique armor is so frightening it can apply fear to enemies and deal damage to an attacker.

Pumpkin Bomb

The Pumpkin Bomb is this Scarlet Hunt's new unique reward.

This throwing weapon deals ranged damage to enemies and ignores their armor, while also frightening them with its purple glow.

A spectacular and efficient addition to your arsenal!

Store changes

The in-game store is once again selling goods marked with a festive pumpkin!

— Six ghost-themed wolfling colors are once again available for purchase. During the event, you will also have a chance to get a unique wolfling when you purchase regular packs.

— Themed items include roomy Coffin Chests, a stylish Gothic Bed, and war paints.

Anyone who wants to stock up on resources now has access to special packs: Reaping Time and Midnight Plunderer.

Other changes

— A secret room with valuable rewards hidden inside can be found in the Dungeon of the Forsaken.

— Event currency has been added to the card game rewards.

Immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere before the main Halloween celebration, which will happen in the forthcoming update.
We are pleased to present update 5.5.5! It will bring minor technical changes to the Plaguelands and a new event on the world map.
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