Grim Stream

Update 3.7.0.

It's Christmas time in Lubenia! Time to decorate the lush Christmas tree with toys and warm up by the fireplace after a good fight. Reminisce about your exploits over the past year and plunge into the festive atmosphere of a New Year's fairy tale.

⚜Time for Miracles⚜
Don't be surprised if you see an unexpected guest on your doorstep during Christmas. At this magical hour, old Rupert will briefly return to you from beyond the edge with a warning. Can you collect the Winter Talismans and save Lubenia from the approaching Fierce Freeze? As a reward for your help, you can get new weapons: the Ice Scythe and Ice Bow. Make your enemies tremble with cold!

⚜Holiday Events⚜
Be careful when visiting snowy locations! Plague Santa is already waiting for naughty Exiles at 2-3 Skull locations. And instead of Santa's trusted companions, his Christmas elves, this one has Ice Walkers. You'll have to be clever to defeat him. Try to avoid the impostor's freezing touch.

While Lubenia is terrorized by the bandit in red, the real Santa's sleigh is under attack by the insidious Ice Walkers. Protect Santa's reindeer from danger and get a chance to collect your Christmas present. Its location resets daily.

Be careful as you descend into the Dungeon of the Forsaken! During the holidays, Exiles can unlock a secret Christmas Room.
Take part in the festive events to receive not only holiday items, but also pieces of the unique Northern Wolf equipment. This warm armor will make a great addition to your collection!

Be sure to visit the Wandering Merchants during the holidays. Rumor has it they might sell you a special wintery horse. The Christmas horse is not affected by the cold and is extremely intelligent. It can return to the castle without a rider and without spending any extra oats. It also has double the satiety limit of ordinary horses.

During the snowy season, you have a chance to find winter wolflings at the game's locations. These rare pets possess unique skills and are very useful in northern locations. Don't worry if you haven't stumbled upon them in your travels. You can get them from merchants or in wolfling packs in the in-game store.

⚜Themed Winter items⚜
Add some warmth and comfort to your castle! A recipe for a beautiful and lush Christmas tree is available to all Exiles.
It's winter shopping time! Visit the themed section of the in-game store to find useful Christmas packs complete with everything you need for battle and festive feasting. We've also added new items to Provisions Chests.

No Christmas is complete without castle decorations. Fans of the wintery atmosphere will find spacious and practical ice chests in the in-game store. And if extravagant interiors are your thing, you're sure to love the icy throne made of crystals. Don't worry, it won't melt even next to your festive fireplace.
Don't forget to check out the Mad Chest bundle! It contains a spacious and festive Northern Wolf Pannier. This backpack is perfect for winter walks. You can also get it for defeating bosses.

⚜Other changes⚜
— During the holidays, the castles of Exiles will be filled with cozy Christmas decorations.
— During the holiday event, you can take flaming plum puddings from storage daily, instead of regular barrels of honey. And don't forget to check your storage on the night of December 24-25 for gifts!
— Pieces of Northern Wolf equipment have been added to your friends' chests. You also have a chance to find a new pannier in the Gold Chest. Don't forget to give your friends keys during the holidays!
— A special resource, Winter Talismans, has been added to the Coins section in the game store.
— A new sale is available for a limited time. Check out the excellent discounts on items marked Limited. The offer will expire in a week.