Grim Stream

Update 4.1.4

The Scarlet Hunt is over, but your quest for survival in the Plaguelands continues.
We're happy to bring you patch 4.1, which introduces small yet important changes.

Daily tasks
Every day, players will receive two tasks: an easy one for the less experienced exiles and a harder one for those who want a challenge. Completing each of the tasks will earn you a reward — and as you know, any reward in Lubenia is worth its weight in gold.

Increased drop rate for Torture Rack and Torture Chair parts
In the next seven days, getting hold of Torture Rack and Torture Chair parts will be much easier. Make sure to take advantage of this, as you need these items to access the lower levels of the Dungeon of the Forsaken and the Dungeon of the Torturers. During the promotion, the chance to get these items from the store is also increased.

Recommended level
Exiles will now be able to assess their strength before visiting locations and pull out of potential suicide missions.

Unfortunately, even the most roomy storage has a limited amount of space. Now items in the Storage that you receive from the Friendship Chest, the Mysterious Chest, for playing poker, and for defeating the clan boss will have a timer and will disappear once it runs out, so don't forget to collect them in time!

In-game store changes
We've added several new items to the in-game store:

Silver Chest. This spacious and stylish 20-slot chest will look great in your house.
Dead Man’s Chest. A real human skull on the lid of this 25-slot chest will fend off any uninvited guests.

You'll also be able to purchase other chests, including the Living Chest — in case you didn't get one during the Scarlet Hunt or want to have a few of them.

Torture Chair and Rack Set. The set contains pincers, an iron grinder, a scold's bridle, and everything else an impatient exile may need to build a small torture chamber in their castle.

Stable and Direwolf Pen Set. Grates, a feeding trough, and even a bridle! This set has everything you need to make your Direwolves and loyal horse comfortable.

Book Collection Set. Ten completely different skills that will make your exile's life better. The set contains books from level 1 to 10 so that you can upgrade the skills to the maximum.

Oh, and we'll also be launching a limited sale!