Grim Stream

Update 3.4.0.


Word of the Empire's battle preparations has spread to even the farthest corners
of our lands and is sowing unrest in the minds of those who live in them. Crows are delivering letters from the Order of Scarlet Angels to Exiles. They will appeal to each of you for help.

The Order's scouts noted that a large force of barbarians led by an unknown Plague Priest has crossed the border into Lubenia. The fragile equilibrium of our lands has been ruined. Smoke from burning, razed houses clogs the gloomy sky and the earth runs red with blood.

The Scarlet Hunt has been announced again in the Plaguelands. Can you save Lubenia?

⚜The Scarlet Hunt⚜
There's little time, Exiles! The hunt is limited to 20 days. We must turn back the attack of the Plague spawn. The noble Order will spare no expense on worthy rewards for those who stand in defense of the Empire.

Starting from the first day of the Hunt, you can receive tasks from Jacques Kerr, the commander of the Scarlet Angels. The Order is sure to appreciate your contribution to the defense of our lands, so don't forget to check the letters in your Raven Cage every day. Your success in battle gives you access to more difficult, unique tasks that are divided into levels: rookie, master and veteran.

You receive Hunting points for defeated enemies and completed tasks. The points increase your rank in the Scarlet Hunt and unlock access to unique rewards. This season, the number of ranks has increased to 50!

The origins and true motives of the northern invaders remain unknown. Commander Jacques Kerr believes that this time, the forces of the cursed spawn have become more organized and more dangerous.

Unknown heroes among the Order's scouts brought information about the creation of barbarian camps and secret rituals of the Plague Priest. His power helps the cursed and inspires worshipers of the Plague God.

Hone your skills against weaker enemies before you set out for a decisive boss battle. You can now earn hunt points without being distracted from your normal travels through Lubenia. You can easily identify the monsters you need by the Scarlet Hunt signs next to their health bars.


Valiant Exiles will be very generously rewarded for their success. As you increase your rank, you can fill your fighting arsenal with new potions, weapons and armor, as well as a spacious chest.
The best hunters in the Plaguelands will be granted legendary items. The Templar Sword, imbued with the light of Harat, can drive enemies off the battlefield, and a Glaive can both keep cursed foes at a distance and damage several enemies at once.

The Imperial Armorers are willing to give the Order and Exiles the gleaming Armor of Harat's Warriors. Additionally, they will share knowledge of how to create special equipment: hauberks with ailettes and a chaperon. You will keep the recipes for these unique items after the end of the conflict, and they will be available for crafting at any time.

In these dark times, good luck will certainly come in handy. That's why Exiles can expect another interesting item: a potion with properties that might pleasantly surprise you.
Apart from rewards for Order tasks, the Angels' scouts note that the leaders of the invasion, the

Plague Priest and the mysterious Summoner, possess numerous valuable items. The first Exiles who come face to face with these bosses will be able to check if this is true. What's even better is that you can defeat them and claim the loot every day until the Hunt ends.

⚜Other changes⚜
— A new, limited-time sale for the most prudent Exiles will be available in the game store tomorrow. The offer is available for a week, so don't miss out on your chance to see these excellent items marked Limited.
— The amount of enchanted iron you get for completing the Traitors' Catacombs has been doubled.
— We want to thank our Exiles for the patience they've shown during periods of maintenance work being done on our server providers. Everyone can find a nice gift in your Storage.