Grim Stream

Update 3.6.0.

In the past, meeting the Greedy Hoarder in the Northern Lands was thought to bring great fortune. The contents of his loot-filled bag often attracted travelers to the Plaguelands. This update will put his treasures even more within your reach. Get ready for a very special game!

Card Game

Exiles who have reached level 10 will be able to test their luck in new permanent event and play cards with the greediest inhabitant of Lubenia. Outwitting Scrooge himself is no easy task, so you need to prepare. Visit the Greedy Hoarder’s cart and complete a quest chain to earn valuable crafting points.

The main goal of the game is to assemble one of the nine winning hands. Cunning Scrooge has four suits in his deck: Harat, Nameless God, Plague God, and Exiles. The cards have different ranks.

The hands, from the lowest- to the highest-ranked, are:

-Toll Collector — five cards of different value and of different suits.
-Town Watch — two cards of the same value.
-Militia — two cards of one value and two cards of another value.
-Clergy — three cards of the same value.
-Nobility — five cards in ascending order.
-Order — five cards of the same suit.
-Inquisition — two cards of one value and three cards of another value.
-Royal Guard — four cards of the same value.
-Empire — five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Even if you fail to assemble one of these superior hands, you will receive a reward anyway. Your skill level will also increase with each attempt. In total, Exiles will have access to 120 levels.

At level 20, you will be able to swap any card in your hand for the first time (for a random card from the deck). At level 40, you can swap this card for the second time to obtain a winning hand. In addition, Exiles will receive valuable rewards for every five levels they gain by playing cards.


Rules are rules. If you win, Scrooge is ready to part with some of his most valuable treasures. But remember, beating your opponent won’t be easy, and the stakes are high.

The “Empire” winning hand will land you a new Lvl 10 Epic Direwolf, which you can collect from the Hoarder. This loyal companion not only looks more formidable than its fellow Direwolves, but also deals twice the damage and has twice the stamina of legendary pets. It gains only unique and legendary skills and can also resurrect its owner after death. You won’t find a reward like that anywhere else in Lubenia.

Exiles who are lucky enough to assemble the other hands will get equally valuable trophies: legendary skill books (lvl 11 or higher), provisions and materials, thalers, as well as scrolls and throwing potions.

Enjoy playing cards and aim for the win!