Grim Stream

Update 3.8.0.

Happy Birthday, Grim Soul!

In February 2018, you set foot in Lubenia for the first time and plunged into the dark world of Grim Soul. Since then, the game has undergone many changes to bring you all a truly unforgettable adventure. The upcoming year will be packed with even more big updates and challenges, which we will begin to unveil soon. Thank you for participating in the development of the project and its community! To celebrate this event, we have prepared a gift for you. Log into the game while the update lasts to collect a deluxe commemorative chest with 25 slots of storage. And now it's time to find out what the new update will bring!

A new boss

Rupert's predictions about the Fierce Freeze turned out to be true. An icy wind is rapidly spreading across Lubenia, chilling the bones of everyone who lives there. The Plaguelands have never seen such cold before. But what could have caused it? The Order of the Scarlet Angels has discovered a possible source in the Frozen Forest and is appealing to Exiles for help. Fight the first Great Monster, Halt Coldbane, before the Plaguelands become completely covered in ice. The abode of cold is full of dangers. The powerful Halt is accompanied by a retinue, and her blows inflict special cold damage. The battle consists of several stages. The closer the end of the battle, the fiercer Halt's attacks become.

Standard armor will provide little protection against elemental damage. To stand a chance against the Great Monster and her minions, you will need the Northern Wolf Armor. The armor comes with warm gloves and a helmet and offers protection from the cold. A new drink, Spiced Wine, will help you warm up and remove debuffs during battle. Northern Wolf equipment and Spiced Wine can be found in various locations around Lubenia. Take part in events, visit your neighbors, the shrine, and dungeons, and don't forget to go see the Gatekeeper.

The battle with Halt consists of several stages. She is one of the most formidable and powerful bosses in the world of Grim Soul. Each stage has different styles of attack. The closer the end of the battle, the fiercer the monster's attacks become. It is crucial that you actively move around the location, as you are guaranteed to take damage if you find yourself in Halt's swing radius. Keep in mind that, during prayer, the boss becomes invulnerable to any damage and all previously cast debuffs are removed.

Like all other bosses of the Plaguelands, Halt can't be banished. You also can't use the Scroll of Carnage against her. Artifacts such as the Scroll of Freezing and freezing weapons will also have no effect on her. The scrolls will also not be effective against the Halt Shard, a monster that, just like the monster of the Frozen Forest, inflicts frostbite on Exiles. Halt is immune to freezing, as well as Scrolls of Carnage and banishing.

Once you enter the Frozen Forest, there will be no turning back. You can leave the location only by defeating the boss or falling in battle. The location updates once a day. The Halt event will be available until the next update. It's up to you whether Lubenia will be consumed by the Fierce Freeze.


As a reward for winning, Exiles will receive special weapons: the Ice Halberd and the Frost Dagger, whose cold blades will slow down enemies and cast frostbite on them. Exiles will also receive the unique Freeze Wing glaive that can freeze several opponents at once. All these ice weapons will come in handy on the second floor of the Dungeon of the Torturers, which will appear in one of the next updates. Exiles will also be able to get the monster's head and the recipe for the unique Fierce Freeze Pannier — the first of the line of legendary panniers with distinctive designs. The 15-slot trophy backpack gives you a reliable protection against cold damage. This is the only way you can get this pannier.

Other changes
— The Armor Chest now contains the Northern Wolf equipment.
— The Weapon Chest now contains new ice weapons, while Spiced Wine can be found in the Provisions Chest.
— New Wild Hunters face paints are now available in the in-game store.
— This update will temporarily replace Barrels of Honey in storage with holiday treats: Pies and Sour Milk.
— During the anniversary celebrations, Exiles can play an extra game with the Hoarder by watching an ad.
— We have made several improvements: we updated the hint interface and rebalanced the Northern Wolf equipment.
— A new sale is available for a limited time. Check out the excellent discounts on items marked Limited. The offer will expire in a week.