Grim Stream

Update 3.3.0.

Dear Exiles, Update 3.3.0 has come to Lubenia! The chronicles write of a whole list of innovations.

⚜New location—Cultist Cache⚜

The toll of the bell portends that night will soon descend over the Plaguelands. What does it have in store for Exiles this time? Peer into the bewitching gloom and prepare yourself for challenges.

Now when searching the Night Cache at any 3-skull location you have a chance of finding the quiet retreat of the Nameless God's acolytes—Cultist Cache. Go forth with caution.

💀 The Nameless God's adepts created caches hidden from the world of the living. Prepare to meet danger fully armed, Exiles! Only the cover of night can reveal to you the treasure hidden within them.

The cold walls of this cave are shrouded in the breath of death, and new enemies lurk in the shadows. Head towards an encounter with the unknown, and don't forget to light your torch.

On reaching the exit, you'll receive a well-deserved reward, and no doubt replenish your supplies of mandrake.

⚜New objects at locations⚜

Well-trodden paths have gained variety and new opportunities for Exiles. In the vast expanses of Lubenia, you will find never hitherto seen objects:

⚜ Sacrificial Altar: the acolytes of the Plague God have erected their altars in the dark woods. Are you bold enough to touch them?

⚜ Chained Chest: heavy and wrapped in chains, it is of great interest to travelers. But you won't get the loot easily—you'll have to use your brain. The tougher the chains, the greater the reward.

⚜ Deer Carcass (only in the north): torn to shreds by some merciless and evil creature. Beware, the hunter may be lurking nearby.

⚜ Old Well: try to peer into its depths, there's bound to be something interesting deep in the darkness.

⚜Visual improvements⚜

— The scenery of the Plaguelands has been embellished with further ominous touches and an atmosphere of despair.

—The faces of characters have also been reworked based on your feedback.

⚜Other changes⚜

— For the first time, limited sales have come to the game store. Pay attention to items marked Limited. You can buy a limited number of them at a great discount. Hurry to take advantage of the offer, as it will only be available for a week!

— The option to turn off vibration has been added to the settings menu. Now the witch's cry definitely won't wake anyone up!

— You can come across new places of power in locations, and the list of possible trophies has been updated at your request. Furthermore, some balance adjustments have been made, and certain omissions and bugs have been fixed.

Thank you for your attention to and interest in our project, Exiles! We strive to give each of you a new gaming experience, and we're always grateful for your feedback.